The purchase of rotary cultivator

The purchase of rotary cultivator

Rotary tiller is a kind of tillage machine of low speed and heavy loading. Although its working principle is very simple, but very high requirement for quality.Because of the need to farming fields, soil quality difference is bigger, often encounter obstacles such as clod, plus the working time of rotary cultivator is concentrated, which requires the machine to high quality, avoid delay production.Current rotary cultivator sales price is differ, the quality is good and bad are intermingled, farmers friends often when buy dilemma between price and quality.Especially ler prices vary greatly in recent years, various types of machines are falling, falling prices, in addition to brought benefits to farmers friend, will not cause a drop in the quality of rotary cultivator?

In general Falling prices to benefit farmers, of course But another aspect some manufacturers to reduce costs will adopt some inferior materials.Now manufacturer’s number is more, especially the small plant number is more, so it is difficult to guarantee the quality of the product.The first appearance is coarser, variant is larger, vibration is larger.Besides the appearance quality is poor and poor reliability, such as traditional part, including gear box, knife shaft.If the processing quality can not meet the requirements, these places can be a problem.Take rotary cultivator damageable parts, for instance, formal unit and individual small factory product quality is difference.

General normal manufacturer production of rotary knife, choose 65 # manganese steel as raw material, the rotary knife can be used for a year;And some manufacturer in order to reduce cost, use do rotary tillage blade 45 manganese steel, it is discarded after half an year.Compared with the quality of the gear difference is bigger.On 20 chromium manganese titanium as the raw material of gear can be used 5 years, won’t appear the quality problem;With 45 manganese steel production gear, began to lose teeth in less than two years, can’t normal use.This small parts, the quality is differ so wide, let alone after assembly machine!When selecting can be careless.Another motive parts, while the quality differs a lot, but is difficult to distinguish from the appearance, so farmers friend must consult when buy clearly.Farmer friends earn money not easy, is to my spending habits with some, but when to buy the machine also can’t because the figure is cheap and ignore the quality.

Giant still more can guarantee the quality of the products, first of all, it has a relatively complete quality management system, such as a few factory has passed the ISO9001 quality certification system So it has a quality assurance system;Relatively large second worker quality is relatively high, so the product quality is a guarantee of a consortium.When buying first appearance, look at whether light rough exterior paint?Best move once, listen to the transmission system, listen to transfer the vibration noise, judging by these.Just look at the transmission parts as a whole, including the gear box is there any oil leakage.Farmers friend should careful when buy rotary cultivator, see more ask more.Choose a suitable model for their own use, then pick a good machine, do you use also handy.

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