How to prevent the tractor job deviation

Farm tractor when the job is easy deviation, then the operation is not only difficult, but also will accelerate the associated mechanical wear and tear, seriously affecting the quality of operations. Therefore, we should pay attention, pay attention to prevention.

1. plow farming industry
Tractor pulling two-way plow job. Side wheels on uncultivated land. The other side of the drive wheel plow trench. Adhesion coefficient between two different ground, different slip rates, often resulting in the unit…

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Increasing the service efficiency of agricultural machinery to pay attention to matters

Agricultural machinery is one of our company’s flagship product, you need to note the following when using farm machinery.

The fuel-efficient farm machinery
1. rational use of agricultural machinery and contiguous operations. Proper planning and plots the route to minimize idling Kongshi, roundabout, reduce job stopover walking distance to reduce total energy consumption is invalid.
2. Regular exhaust cooling system and precipitate scale and grease pipes and muffler.
3. There will be damage to…

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Cultivator purchase method

Tillage Cultivator is a small rice-growing countries in the region work machine commonly used. Due to the simple structure, easy operation, low cost, adaptable, supporting plows, harrows, rollers and other tools available for Po tillage operation the whole process, which was widely welcomed paddy rural areas become important job tillage equipment.

Optional Cultivator, to local conditions. Cultivator of various types have some scope to choose the right model according to the local natural conditions and farming characteristics….

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