Gravity destoner introduction

Suction type gravity destoner are mainly used in food processing plants, separate side by side stone isobaric than grain impurities from wheat, rice, used to separate some other grains in the complex.

It is the use of grain weight and the proportion of the stone and the suspension rate of different characteristics, through the grain flow through the flow of particles in the gap between the flow of grain and stone grading. Side by side…

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Introduction and selection techniques of hammer mill

Hammer mill is a mill is currently the most widely used, the degree of electrical products is higher, the versatility is good, some of the hammer and the rotor is connected with the metal foreign body, into the grinder, just break the screen, not the occurrence of major accidents, but crushing particle size is not uniform, the powder is more, its structure is composed of feed in the mechanism, the crushing chamber (rotor, hammer,…

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How to improve the milling technology of rice milling machine

Farmers like to use the complete rice milling machine, white rice. However, some rice mill grind out more broken rice, beige not white. The reason except rice quality problems (such as millet at harvest time been flooded, not dried after harvest), the main rice mill inlet and outlet gates and no good deployment tool meters, and machine hand can not manipulate grind rice mill caused.

In order to improve the quality of rice…

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Maintenance and adjustment of small milling machine

Small rice mills by many families of all ages with its simple, inexpensive features.How do we buy rice mill should be adjusted and maintained it?

1.The adjustment of rice knife
Adjust the rice knife is to adjust the gap between rice knife and drum. If the gap is large, the grinding chamber pressure is small, the rice in the drum by the friction of the weak, so the meter can not grind fine, but…

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Family orientation rice hulling machine

With the increasing of people’s living standard, the food fresh and nutritional requirements are also getting higher and higher, in recent years, family cooking brown rice has been becoming more and more common, which gave birth to the birth of small and medium sized rice huller, small rice huller asks the city, not only inherits the structure and functions of the traditional large hulling machine, can remove the rice shell, reduce the rice fissuring and epidermal damage, try to…

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The purchase of rotary cultivator

Rotary tiller is a kind of tillage machine of low speed and heavy loading. Although its working principle is very simple, but very high requirement for quality.Because of the need to farming fields, soil quality difference is bigger, often encounter obstacles such as clod, plus the working time of rotary cultivator is concentrated, which requires the machine to high quality, avoid delay production.Current rotary cultivator sales price is differ, the quality is good and bad are intermingled, farmers friends…

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Analysis of rice color sorter

First,the effect of color sorter

Color sorter are the yellow rice, red rice grain, rice abdomen, moldy rice, black rice and other heterochromatic grain lesions, as well as sand and gravel, clods and other particulate impurities from Harmonia yield meters, high-quality rice removed out of a set of optical, mechanical, electrical, pneumatic and other technology in a modern, high-tech food processing equipment.

Forming a single grain of rice a uniform velocity flow in the chute slide chute passage channels locate…

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How to safely operate rotary tiller

The rotary cultivator is commonly used in agricultural machinery, how should we use it?
1.Rotary tiller properly articulated
To do a gimbal rotation flexibility, flexibility, and cable wiring.
Second mount rotavator to do, to make both ends of the joints in the same plane, and to ensure that the job status shafts of the driving shaft and the driven shaft in the same straight line.
2 correct operation, rotary tiller
1) Rotary machine upgrade is not too high. Due to upgrade too high, universal…

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Knapsack sprayer use and maintenance technology

1. To properly install the sprayer parts. Check the connections for leaks, use, install water spray test, and then install the agent.
2. When official use, add water, first add the agent, the liquid level must not exceed the safe level line. Before spraying, more than 10 times before pulling the joystick, so that bucket pressure goes up to the working pressure. When pulling the rocker can not be too hard to avoid the gas…

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