Emery roller whitening machine

Machine use
Emery roller whitening machine for the brown rice whitening, for supporting the use of rice mill process, in the joint rice milling equipment for rough brown rice grind.

The overall structure
The sand roller rice milling machine is composed of a feed hopper, milling chamber, fan base, four parts.
The feeding hopper part is composed of a feed hopper, a feed hopper seat, a flow adjusting door, a piece of piece and so on.
The milling chamber is composed of a machine…

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The working principle of gravity destoner

Gravity destoner is based on the proportion of different food grain and gravel and suspension speed, the grain size and grain shape approximate grain sand and other debris separated from the machine.

Gravity destoner to stone with a good effect, simple structure, small size and low power consumption advantages. The proportion of food through a machine to clean up the stone, rock removal rate of more than 95%, in addition to brick, mud rate greater than 60%,…

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Principle and handling precautions hulling machine

Hulling machine operating principles:

The main components hulling machine including a rotating thrown trays, fixed outer ring of shock. Rice dish thrown into the work area to accelerate, with the centrifugal force of the impact of flying lap, due to the impact and shelling. This machine is simple structure, easy operation and management, power consumption, low processing costs; just more broken, the meter is low.

Hulling machine up and down by means of two circular diamond plate,…

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How to choose and use small rice milling machine

Small rice milling machine is with rice or brown rice as raw material, discharged from the hopper, after entering the screw conveyer through a flow control mechanism to realize rice milling, processing of agricultural products processing machinery.

The single consists of iron roller and sand roller and two kinds of forms, including iron roller rice mill is divided into separation type rice milling machine with adjustable blade structure and meters without air jet milling…

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Integrated rice milling plant exported to Burma

Integrated rice milling plant are generally raised from bucket machine, suction type cleaning machine stoner, rubber roller hulling machine, gravity paddy sieve, spraying sand roller rice wind machine, rice grading sieve, water polishing machines and other equipment.

In recent years, due to the development of agricultural economy, rice mill by the majority of users are welcome, but also one of our company’s hot-selling products. Especially exports to Myanmar rice milling unit. Helping customers to complete the installation after export,…

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