Rice polisher seven maintenance methods

Any machine must have the correct use, so as to ensure efficient work, maintenance problems can not be ignored, so for the rice polisher is also true.

The following rice polisher to introduce the seven maintenance methods.
1. The rear wheels must be grounded. The equipment should be tilted backward.
2. After each use must remove the polishing pad, and wash the pad with hot water.
3. After the end does not require the use of lubricating oil.
4. The power cord should be placed…

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Jet-air whitening machine

Jet-air whitening machine is used to grind brown rice and white rice, which can be used in the process of rice mill.

Working principle
Brown rice in the white room by the “spray”, sand roller and rice knife, the combination of the role of the screen rolling joint, brown rice skin is repeated “cutting” and “rub away”, which was crushed into the accuracy requirements white rice.
“Grinding white” is carried out in the “fluidized bed”, give full play to…

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