Efforts to unite China’s harvester is expected to speed up

“At present, the work of China’s sugarcane harvester has gone from the establishment and improvement of the policy system to the implementation and tackling of the problem.”On the one hand, we will pay close attention to the implementation of existing policies, clarify our responsibilities and time requirements, and ensure that all policies are implemented at an early date with tangible results.On the other hand, we should…

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Notes for use of rice milling machine

The rice milling machine mainly consists of fixed spanner, tightening nut spanner, brush, hopper, grinding wheel and wire brush.The machine is called rice milling machine.The upstream of China’s rice milling machinery manufacturing industry is the power distribution kit, standard parts, electrical parts, mechanical parts and steel production industry, and the downstream is the rice processing industry.There are eight important points to note when using rice milling machine. Let’s have a look.
1. The main and auxiliary machines shall be installed…

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The method of adjusting the harvester and the matters needing attention in operation of the inverted wheat harvest

The wheat harvest is now in full swing, with large areas of collapse in some places, adding to the difficulties of a smooth harvest.To reduce lodging of wheat harvest losses, improve the quality of lodging of wheat harvest, reduce the damage caused by the abnormal operation circumstances of wheat harvester, now offers some methods to harvest wheat lodging for farmers friends reference.

I. adjustment of…

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Corn harvester leads the autumn harvest into a clean and efficient new era

The autumn harvest coming in yiyang county lotus zhuang town, a large wait for harvest corn, 12 sets of different types of large corn harvester gearing up, after the driver gave, see corn harvester roar, golden corn ears filled with sacks, after a short straw crushing returning to direct the commune last.These corn harvesters make people marvel at the speed of harvesting and the cleanliness with which grains return to…

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The rice transplanter was used to straighten the waist of the rice field

With the roar of modern agricultural machinery, rows of neatly arranged seedlings stand out in the paddy fields.This year, a new six-row high speed transplanter was introduced in our county.

Compared with the traditional transplanter, the high-speed transplanter is faster, more convenient and more orderly and efficient.According to staff, this machine is a device to six lines planting apparatus, which can realize…

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The farm is manned by an unmanned rice transplanter

An unmanned rice transplanter is in operation. The original driver’s position is replaced by a satellite navigation agricultural machine automatic system, which can walk straight, uniform speed and beautiful seedling transplanting effect.
The farm head said, high standards and high quality to complete the rice planting “last one kilometer”, farm to farm machinery new the application and popularization of science and technology, attempted to unmanned transplanter technology in planting operation.In seedling transplanting, there is no need to drive, only two…

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This year, we will basically mechanize rice planting and adopt rice planting machines

The comprehensive mechanization level of agriculture in the whole province reached 78%, an increase of two percentage points over the previous year, of which the mechanization level of major crops production reached 84%.The rice transplanting area of rice machine exceeds 24 million mu, and the rice transplanting rate reaches 70%.

rice planter

Governments at all levels have invested 2.41 billion…

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More than 5,000 rice combine harvesters were put into summer grain harvest

Recently, understands from yulin city administration of agricultural mechanization, the current yulin city has entered a “difference” period, in succession from all over the country more than 3000 sets of rice harvester in yulin city to participate in the inter-district homework, rush in the harvest rice.In order to ensure the smooth progress of the harvest work in summer and summer, the agricultural machinery department of yulin city has taken…

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Three harvesters helped 200 mu of rice harvest

“It’s my turn to make rice fields. Help me load rice fields together.”When he saw the big rice harvester on his farm, Lin jinpei, a villager, called for his friend to help him.
“Good!Villager Chen jian came forward and opened the woven bag. Rice grain crashed into the woven bag from the rice harvester.
Lin yinhai, a 45-year-old villager, is carrying home a sack of rice in an electric car.”Our rice field is 2.1 mu, and we can harvest more than…

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Farmers have rice dryers to dry their crops in the rain

Into the rice drying machine shop, I saw a square up to three floors “smokestacks” stands in a corner shop, several villagers just back in from the field of the millet poured out from the bag, the transmission device into the dryer, drying after the millet and from the root of “flow” thick tubes.The villagers working in the drying workshop said, “the quality of the dried grain is much…

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