Corn harvester leads the autumn harvest into a clean and efficient new era

Corn harvester leads the autumn harvest into a clean and efficient new era

The autumn harvest coming in yiyang county lotus zhuang town, a large wait for harvest corn, 12 sets of different types of large corn harvester gearing up, after the driver gave, see corn harvester roar, golden corn ears filled with sacks, after a short straw crushing returning to direct the commune last.These corn harvesters make people marvel at the speed of harvesting and the cleanliness with which grains return to the barn.

Got up very early receive a attendant came to participate in corn grain planting large LaoZheng opened the chatterboxes excitedly: “this year, corn receive benefits must be not good, I plan to buy a large multi-function corn harvest machine, not only in the field of my package, can also be Clinton to others, in front of the corn, crushing straw garden behind, implement ‘one-stop’ homework…“More than 200 mu of land of Lao zheng’s family is estimated to be able to earn more than 200 thousand yuan in the autumn harvest season, saw great” money “way, Lao zheng pull on the harvester to sell and negotiate business.

corn harvester

The low-carbon and environment-friendly maize combine harvester, which integrates the operation of picking ears, crushing straw and deep turning back to field, has become the “hot property” in the agricultural machinery market.With the increasing efforts of publicity and promotion, people’s understanding of corn harvest has been further improved, and the enthusiasm of using corn harvest has been higher.It is understood that at present it has more than 50 farmers to the county agricultural machinery sales company booking corn united harvest machine, as the corn combine sales season coming ahead of time, this year receive a scene of contention corn combined predictions than it has ever been a year to “hot”.

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