The method of adjusting the harvester and the matters needing attention in operation of the inverted wheat harvest

The method of adjusting the harvester and the matters needing attention in operation of the inverted wheat harvest

The wheat harvest is now in full swing, with large areas of collapse in some places, adding to the difficulties of a smooth harvest.To reduce lodging of wheat harvest losses, improve the quality of lodging of wheat harvest, reduce the damage caused by the abnormal operation circumstances of wheat harvester, now offers some methods to harvest wheat lodging for farmers friends reference.

I. adjustment of harvester

To adjust the wheel is designed ahead, to optimize the location in the bottom of spring tooth blade guard front 150 ~ 200 mm, round high and low position is designed to play tooth can come into contact with the ground or 20 ~ 50 mm from the ground, advisable, adjustments to ensure that the cutter wheel is designed first before cutting crops lodging will crop up for the principle.

Because the lodging of wheat harvest, the wheel is designed to help the resistance of wheat is much bigger than the normal harvest time, in order to ensure the spring tooth pick up wheat effectively, extend the time of spring tooth contact with wheat, backward or forward general spring tooth Angle deflection 15 or 30 degrees.When the wheat is harvested, the elastic tooth is turned backward.Reverse the fall of the wheat harvest, then the spring teeth forward deflection.

The speed of the drum is mainly determined by the harvest speed of the harvester. The speed of the drum is 25% faster than that of the harvester.If the rotation speed of the wheat-wheel is too low, the wheat-wheel will not only be able to support the fallen wheat, but will also push the cut wheat to the ground, causing unnecessary losses.

Can also be in the safe and reliable and agricultural machinery safety supervision departments approved consent after adding auxiliary devices, one is equipped with extended grain, effective separation of intertwined wheat before cutting, machine forward reduce the resistance and can effectively prevent the round coil wheat is designed, reduce losses, is designed to reduce wheel is designed for big damage caused by the fault resistance.

The second is to install an inverter, which can help the fallen wheat up to the cutter, which is convenient to cut, reduce the resistance of feeding wheel and improve the effect of feeding.When working, the harvester should drive in a straight line as far as possible to avoid the left and right torsion pendulum, so as to prevent the inverter from crushing more wheat plants and causing greater losses.

Ii. Homework skills and methods of harvest

1) control of cutting table height

The base plate of the cutting platform lightly touches the ground, and the height of the cutting tool from the ground is adjusted according to the situation of lodging.

Wheat harvester

2) reduce the rate of harvest

According to the severity of the lodging to choose the appropriate speed, harvest is at a low speed, in order to make sure no leakage cut, and try to ensure uniform cutting machine feeding stir long conveying load, reduce the loss can be ensured, but also prevent the load caused by the uneven cutting machine, cylinder block, and the blockage caused by fault parts damaged.

Three, a few notes

1. Adjust the operating parameters timely and appropriately according to the situation of lodging, especially the advance speed of the machine, cutting table parameters, and threshing parameters.

2. Try to avoid crops in early in the morning or at night time of wet operation, under the condition of the operation, the machine load, crops are difficult to separate, easy to cause congestion, cutting machine, threshing system damage machines, yield loss also increases.

3. In case of serious lodging, harvest the crops as far as possible in the direction of falling down, so that the wheat-wheel can pick up the crops in front of the cutter to reduce cutting loss.

4. In order to harvest the fallen wheat field, dry the dry straw and adjust the wind direction and the opening of the sieve, it is advisable to leave the chaff unwrapped.

5. Please read the operation instructions of the harvester carefully and adjust them according to the instructions.

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