Cultivator purchase method

Cultivator purchase method

Tillage Cultivator is a small rice-growing countries in the region work machine commonly used. Due to the simple structure, easy operation, low cost, adaptable, supporting plows, harrows, rollers and other tools available for Po tillage operation the whole process, which was widely welcomed paddy rural areas become important job tillage equipment.

Optional Cultivator, to local conditions. Cultivator of various types have some scope to choose the right model according to the local natural conditions and farming characteristics. As plots larger lake area, should use a larger ride-on auxiliary power Cultivator, help to improve work efficiency and reduce labor intensity; small plots of hilly area, the choice of a small or dual-power light Cultivator wheel Cultivator to improve job adaptability.

After the model is determined, the problem is finding out home products, first look at whether the product has “three cards” (product certification, “three guarantees” credentials, to promote identification card), to see whether there are inspection reports. Recommended to buy brand-name products, brand-name companies is relatively large production scale, product quality, timely Warranty Services.

Product appearance should check whether the bump product, damage, peeling paint, and so on; various welding parts weld is smooth, firm; seals Have drops leakage; To facilitate transportation, Cultivator sales, generally as part the factory, the machine is not completely assembled when users choose, test equipment vendors upon request, in order to avoid difficult to assemble home, at the same time, check the assembly, check whether the moving parts operate flexible, can adjust the position adjustment portion.

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