How to prevent the tractor job deviation

How to prevent the tractor job deviation

Farm tractor when the job is easy deviation, then the operation is not only difficult, but also will accelerate the associated mechanical wear and tear, seriously affecting the quality of operations. Therefore, we should pay attention, pay attention to prevention.

1. plow farming industry
Tractor pulling two-way plow job. Side wheels on uncultivated land. The other side of the drive wheel plow trench. Adhesion coefficient between two different ground, different slip rates, often resulting in the unit to a yaw direction. For a 12 type of Dongfeng tractor can make the following adjustments to be addressed: Adjust towbar about two adjustment screws and intermediate connection gap value (swing space) between the frame, type 681 one-way plow transferred to a double. about 5mm, 1LS a 220 and 701 double-way plow is adjusted to about 5 mm. In the process of plowing, tractor still found right yaw, two fastening screws can be loosened to adjust the spin short left protruding portion of the screw, rotary screw protruding portion of the right length. Until liberalization handrail along the trench wall shelf unit can normally travel so far.

2. rotary job
Rotary generate jobs yaw possible reasons: the deformed tail wheel and tail wheel in the fork assembly is not in place so that the rear wheel deflection: bearing damage or severe wear on the shaft end: Coulter installed wrong or broken, falling . When Rotary deviation phenomenon occurs when the job should be directed at the specific circumstances of the relevant parts to correct, repair, replace or reinstall. Before the problem is solved, you should try not to use corrective steering clutch, but with sliding armrest frame method of correction.

3. seeding
Tractor sowing job. Mostly two kinds of supporting situations: First, trailed planter. ABQ 8 as a type seeders; the second is a 6A synchronous transmission ZBG type of rice and wheat seed drill. Seeding unit occurs mainly due to yaw in the direction of web broadcast seeding head (or openers) installation height of inconsistency or left-right asymmetry, peeling coulter configuration and installation time error occurs or broken off, traction frame collision partial deformation crooked like. Due to the above reasons. Resistance when subjected to seeding in the width direction of the broadcast range, resulting twisting moment, causing the crew yaw. To this end, the job should be carefully examined before planting planter state of the art, according to a predetermined configuration and installation coulter peeling, seeding head (or opener) should be symmetrical configuration. Install ensure highly consistent and meet agricultural requirements.

4. harvesting operations
Tractor main configuration 4GL a 130 harvester, unit deviation of the main reasons: the direction of the cutter harvester cutting width varying gap adjustment. Cutting resistance differences occur: cutter side higher, cutting height varying harvest, ranging from resistance operations; swath poor choice; uneven ground. Measures should be taken for a specific reason.

5. trenching job
Generally tractor configuration is primarily front-or rear-mounted small round disc trencher, mainly used excavation field drains. Ditching the main reason for poor linearity job: cutter plane symmetry with the center line of the tractor drive axle center plane of the deviation exceeds a predetermined (Front tolerance 8mm, rear-mounted tolerance 5 mm): cutter distortion, deformation rack skewed. Coulter installation errors, coulter broken off and so on. It should pay attention to check, correct and rack cutter. Rotary Colter properly installed, carefully adjust the position of the cutter head, found Colter broken off, should immediately stop stalling. Replacement parts.