Analysis of rice color sorter

Analysis of rice color sorter

First,the effect of color sorter

Color sorter are the yellow rice, red rice grain, rice abdomen, moldy rice, black rice and other heterochromatic grain lesions, as well as sand and gravel, clods and other particulate impurities from Harmonia yield meters, high-quality rice removed out of a set of optical, mechanical, electrical, pneumatic and other technology in a modern, high-tech food processing equipment.

Forming a single grain of rice a uniform velocity flow in the chute slide chute passage channels locate shaping speed, crashed into the CCD camera detection zone. Color sorting machine control system based on CCD camera data acquisition on flow meter discriminant analysis, the flow meter defective valve using high-speed jet stream blown meters into the hopper defective products. Sorting is a bad product by special hoist into the second election into a second bucket meter color selection. After the election of a secondary color quality rice material will be fed into the next step of processing; bad product is determined to be the ultimate bad product, separate storage and processing.

Second,Machinery constituting the color sorters

Color sorter main components are: feed hopper, vibrating feeder, chute slide, light, background plate, CCD detection camera, the silos, air nozzle, air compressors, air purifiers and filters.

Feeding system: from the hopper, vibrating feeder and chute slide and other components. Rice to be sorted material from the hopper into the vibratory feeders, vibrating and guide means are arranged so that the material is automatically a row continuous filaments of the status quo, after accelerating at a constant speed through the chute fall into the photoelectric detection sorting area inside, in order to ensure that the material is presented in a clear and optical sorting spray zone. Removing the feeding system provides functionality to be selected raw grain color sorter outer control also enables color sorters production. Through the feed hopper flow control plate and vibration hopper vibration amount of the adjustment can be achieved within the color sorter unit time production control. Our vast restoration, in some places due to occur when the air is humid rice along with the slide chute slide each other adhesion or adhesion phenomena affect the accuracy of color selection, it may enter the chute to slide therein rice has heated drying function.

Optical Systems: Optical system is the core part of the color sorting machine, mainly by the light source, the background plate, CCD camera and related auxiliary equipment components. Provide a stable source of uniform illumination of the tested materials and background plate. Experimental results show that the blue LED light source as a light source works best. The CCD camera detection regions (detection area is sealed matt black box, the purpose is to prevent stray light entering the CCD camera, affect the accuracy) within the tested materials reflecting light into electrical signals. Background of board electronic control system was providing a reference signal, its reflective properties and reflective characteristics substantially equivalent quality products, with the culling was quite different.

Sorting system: Sorting system consists of a hopper, jet valves, air compressors and air purification filters and other accessories. Since the material in rice through the post-injection nozzle high-speed kinetic energy greater care of the silo space should be large enough and in the material and the contact portion of the hopper there is damping measures. Prevent rice from playing in the bin after a rebound into the second CCD camera detection zone, resulting in erroneous hit phenomenon. The experiment proved that the pneumatic nozzle, nozzle spacing and size of the number of nozzles is one of the key factors that affect the accuracy of color sorter.

Cleaning system: cleaning system consists of a cylinder, glass wipers and other components. Because rice in the color selection process will produce dust and other easily attached to the glass impurities. Once attached to the window glass excessive dust and impurities through the window glass of tea material sorting photoelectric detection system will be easy to produce errors such as chain chain issues. Ranging accuracy of color sorting, color sorting out than have an impact, it caused heavy jet nozzles frequently, to reduce the life of the nozzle and control system set up burning nozzle control system. Glass wipers installed on the cylinder by the master control system according to a preset time by pushing the switch control cylinder valve cylinder piston sliding regularly clean dust and impurities to achieve the effect of the glass.

Operating systems: large-screen viewing angle color touch platforms, providing customers with a plurality of preset color selection mode. And the establishment of friendly interface, convenient to achieve adjustment according to the specific circumstances of the rice material.