How to improve the milling technology of rice milling machine

How to improve the milling technology of rice milling machine

Farmers like to use the complete rice milling machine, white rice. However, some rice mill grind out more broken rice, beige not white. The reason except rice quality problems (such as millet at harvest time been flooded, not dried after harvest), the main rice mill inlet and outlet gates and no good deployment tool meters, and machine hand can not manipulate grind rice mill caused.

In order to improve the quality of rice milling, rice milling machine at hand to pay attention to the work of two major rice mills adjustments are one meter knife. Mainly to adjust the gap between simple rice knife and roll, and if the gap is large, the small chamber pressure milled white rice in the rolling Simplification friction force is weak, and therefore can not be unpolished rice, grind the rice is not white, but a higher rice yield. Second, import and export adjustment guillotine. When the knife to open a large import and export knife off smaller, increase grain milled white chamber, the pressure increases, the grind out of beige white, but pure meters; the other hand, if the knife off a small import and export knife open large store room milled white rice less, the pressure is reduced, grind the rice on the more rough.

According to the above-meter knives and import and export relations of different knife adjustment and milled white interior pressure and friction to grind out the whole grain, color white, good quality rice can be specifically tailored and follow these guidelines:

1. meter gap and the roller knife to an appropriate gap can not be less than the transverse diameter of the grain, otherwise easily broken rice; longitudinal gap of no more than the diameter of a grain of rice, coarse rice otherwise. Thus, rice knife gap should be selected to between vertical and horizontal grain diameter. Practice shows that the meters have a little gap bevel knife, that knife near the outlet end slightly larger, so grind out a few meters more complete.

2. Importers knife to knife with a good general import of opening can be controlled throughout the opening degree of 1/2, no more than 2/3. Some of the old machine handle imports knife removed, so that imports all open. Generally do not do so, because after all open, too much grain, milled white chamber pressure is too high, a large rotational resistance, such as: if the moment there is no export knife with the good, the belt will slip, even the machine will get stuck or damaged?. To export knife flexibility in operation, the opening of the rice import clearance and knife blade according to regulations after a good tune, it can; fixed and machine hand as long as the right hand exit knife, his left hand extended palm terminating at outlet rice, watching rice is complete, whether white beige. If more than broken rice, export Opening large knife. If the grain rough, off a small outlet can knife. We should do both, until the rice milling quality to meet the requirements.