How to choose and use small rice milling machine

How to choose and use small rice milling machine

Small rice milling machine is with rice or brown rice as raw material, discharged from the hopper, after entering the screw conveyer through a flow control mechanism to realize rice milling, processing of agricultural products processing machinery.

The single consists of iron roller and sand roller and two kinds of forms, including iron roller rice mill is divided into separation type rice milling machine with adjustable blade structure and meters without air jet milling machine adjustable meters knife. Iron roller rice milling machine is mainly used for processing a part of Japonica and indica varieties, sand roller rice milling machine is mainly used for processing rice. Separation type iron roller rice mill processing only rice, small volume, low productivity and processing quality of rice with air jet milling machine, but its convenient operation and convenient transportation, can use single motor as power, suitable for use in traffic underdeveloped areas and power resources shortage area. The main difference between the iron roller rice mill and sand roller rice mill is two meters machine machining principle of different iron roller rice mill by milling chamber greater extrusion pressure by rub grinding and peeling meters, sand roller rice mill mainly depends on the surface of sand sand roller rice milling multiple angle and surface peeling roller meters. The single machine is mainly used in small grain processing plant food processing point and rural families. The rice milling machine product purchase, use and maintenance should choose according to the processing capacity of the local rice varieties and to.

Purchase of rice milling machine
1.Product cost performance
Buy rice milling machine must consider the price, product sales processing is one of the important factors that should be considered, but not the cheaper the better, because any mechanical products need a certain production cost. As the saying goes, “a penny, a sub goods,” said the relationship between product quality and price. Some users, because of funding problems or because of poor information problems, in the purchase of rice milling machine, often from price considerations, while ignoring the quality, which occurs every year many milling machine quality complaints. Here, the user before the purchase of rice milling machine, first consider the technical performance and quality level of the products and their applicability, and then consider the price reasonable.

2. Product specification
The main contents of the instructions shall include: Product Overview (product features, purpose and scope), structure characteristics and working principle and technical characteristics (including the main technical parameters and main performance index), installation and adjustment, maintenance, operation and use of common fault analysis and troubleshooting, safety protection device and related safety signs and other considerations. At the same time, the processing ability of the specification and the suitability of the rice varieties are suitable for their actual requirements, the product size is suitable for the requirements of their own venues.

3. After sales service quality
Buy rice milling machine, production enterprises must consider the customer service quality of service. Although the milling machine is a kind of simple products, but a long time operation, there will be trouble. Therefore, before the purchase, to the enterprise’s after-sales service to examine, and then decide to buy which enterprise, which brand of products. After sales service mainly examines whether the production enterprise or sales department has the ability of “three bags”. The “three” single certificate in the content is including: product name, specification, type and serial number; the name, address, telephone number, manufacturer name, postal encoding; repair address, telephone, postal encoding and repair records; machine and the main components of “Three Guarantees” is valid for 12 months the main parts; name; details not implemented the “three pack” situation.

4. Product label content is complete and correct
Check the label should mainly include rice product specifications and the name, address, date of production and production unit and serial number, spindle speed and supporting power, and view the content and the product label in the use of relevant content in the specification is consistent.

5. Detailed observation of product appearance quality
From the two angles of vertical and horizontal deformation observation of the product, the coating surface is uniform, whether there is a leak painting, serious flow, bubbles and other defects, welding machine parts, sheet metal parts, plating is smooth and so on.

6. Ask for an invoice
The purchase of the machine should ask for formal invoice from the seller.