Principle and handling precautions hulling machine

Principle and handling precautions hulling machine

Hulling machine operating principles:

The main components hulling machine including a rotating thrown trays, fixed outer ring of shock. Rice dish thrown into the work area to accelerate, with the centrifugal force of the impact of flying lap, due to the impact and shelling. This machine is simple structure, easy operation and management, power consumption, low processing costs; just more broken, the meter is low.

Hulling machine up and down by means of two circular diamond plate, the plate is fixed, the next disk rotation, wire-speed 20 to 25 m / sec. Rice in two sand disc, due by the end of the rubbing pressure and shelling tear effect. Hulling machine advantages brown rice fissuring less than the sand tray Cots wear, low processing costs; drawback is the low rate of shelling, broken more. Hulling machine and the operating member is bonded with the cast iron disc as one of the ring-shaped diamond plate, upper and lower plate, the plate is fixed, and can move up and down at the disk rotation, adjusting the gap between the upper and lower sand tray under paddy particle size. It should be less than the length of the roll from the rice, and rice is greater than the width, thickness. Rice fed from the feed hopper at the central area of the disc sand sand tray by the centrifugal force generated by rotation of the disc under the sand grains forced into the annular zone shelling between the two. In the end the pressure and friction, can be about 75% of the rice husk off, but more rough broken rice. Paddy husking mixture after the removal of the husk from the plane through the chaff separation means by airflow.

Hulling machine Caution:

1. the operator the right to refuse to execute instructions in violation of security operations, forcing illegal operations, regardless of whether the consequences, should be seriously investigated very strong responsibility, the operator blind obedience illegal operation, bear direct responsibility for the operation;

2. all on-site repair of machines and mechanical maintenance operations must strictly enforce the rules and safety procedures of machinery and equipment;

3. hulling machine equipment according to the original machine technical performance, you must perform regular maintenance of the system and regulation system, do a good job before the operation, the operation, the cleaning operation after the equipment, lubrication, fastening, adjusting and anticorrosion;

4. hulling machine maintenance must be carried out according to regulations, non-mechanical equipment overload, sick operation and maintenance in the job operation.