Emery roller whitening machine

Emery roller whitening machine

Machine use
Emery roller whitening machine for the brown rice whitening, for supporting the use of rice mill process, in the joint rice milling equipment for rough brown rice grind.

The overall structure
The sand roller rice milling machine is composed of a feed hopper, milling chamber, fan base, four parts.
The feeding hopper part is composed of a feed hopper, a feed hopper seat, a flow adjusting door, a piece of piece and so on.
The milling chamber is composed of a machine frame, sand roller, screw spindle head, sand roller, the feeding end bearing seat, the discharging end bearing, rice sieve, rice sieve strip, pressure door and other parts.
The base part is mainly composed of a base, side door, collecting bran hopper.
The fan component consists of a fan casing, impeller, motor and other components, installed in the frame of the rear.

Working principle
According to the rice precision, by adjusting the parameters of the milling chamber, which is matched with the meter machine, can be in line with national standards (GB1354-78) of different precision rice.
Brown rice from the feed hopper by the milling chamber into the flow regulating mechanism, was sent to the sand roller screw head and move forward along the sand roller surface of the spiral line, according to a certain rotational speed emery sand roller surface sharp sand milling rice cortex; and make the rice grain and rice, rice and rice sieve friction, make it open brown and white ground, at the same time, through the air blowing, forcing from rice bran powder, sieve discharge.

The system is equipped with a bran sucking
Rice milling machine from the chaff, set by a bran bucket discharge, each suction air volume according to the following requirements into the net, collected by the collector, the air is 600–1000 cubic meters / hour. The rice chaff machine directly by low-pressure fan into the machine dust collector in the collection.

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