Rice milling machines are going global to solve the world problem of “germinated rice”

Rice milling machines are going global to solve the world problem of “germinated rice”

Personalization and the ability to design customized solutions for the customer, every large milling machinery complete sets of equipment engineering basic are individually designed and developed, and training from the production, installation, pre-sales, after-sales service to participate in all the way, let the customer accessibility.

If the term “good rice” more than 10 years ago refers to clean rice, a new concept has been proposed. “good rice” should be healthier, more nutritious and more active rice.

After a series of fine processing, such as shell removal and polishing, the nutritional value of rice has been lost.Rice germ is the most active, in the traditional processing way, germ have been removed, now we are supported by the ministry, exclusive combination of wuhan university of light industry, development of embryo rice intelligent processing equipment, to make rice germ preserved, and cooperate with the dryer a certain temperature, humidity and pressure, the germ activation, make rice more nutritious.

At present, the equipment for the rice has been developed and is under final commissioning, which is expected to be put into production next year.Germ-preserved rice doesn’t taste as good as traditional rice, and consumers need an adaptation process, but he is still optimistic about the market.

After artificial intelligence, the project of community new retail has become the focus and target of the investment circle.Due to the business community has a very wide range of coverage, including convenience stores, business super, fresh fruit, rice milling, snacks, distribution, and many other aspects, there are the industry predicted that in the traditional retail model transformation, the upgrading of consumption and capital to promote such as background, the community of new retail or will usher in a boom in 2018.

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