Boat-Type Tractor,Boat Type Tillage Machine

Product Description

This boat tractor is our new product, the machine frame is boat shaped, a machine frame is arranged in the boat body; a riser at the front end of the machine frame, a gear box on the machine frame positioned at the tail of the boat; a cultivation roller on the gear box; an operating lever at the dynamic force side of the gear box; an armrest is fixed at the front end of the gear box; a left and a right separating operating levers on the surface of the gear box; a mudguard on the gear box in a straddling way; a seat penetrates through the mudguard and is fixed on the gear box; the dynamic force is transferred to a belt pulley through a belt and to the gear box so as to driving the cultivation roller. The boat tractor can be suitable for the paddy field cultivation of different properties in mountains, plains, hills and lake districts. Basic implements for this machine are: disc plough, fertilizer applicator, rake and roller.
Product Characteristic boat tractor.
2.suitable for the paddy field cultivation.
3. mountains, plains, hills and lake districts.
Product Data

Model AN15-A
Working Efficiency 0.8-1ha./h
Engine JH-1115,diesel
Power 15HP
Oil Consumption 180+20g/h
Walking speed 20-30km/h,max.40-50km/h
Overall Dimension 2700*1900*1360mm
Cultivating Depth 230 +78mm

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