Product Description

The rice milling plant is suitable for home, can at once be crushed paddy rice, can also be a separate brown rice, bran crushed into fine crumbs, shredders can separate deals. Cleanup stoner machine can also be used independently, it can be used to screen films after changing grain dockage to stone.

Product Data

Necessary Unit Machines
TZQY/QSX54/45Combined Cleaner 1
LTB15 husker 1
MGCZ100x5 Separator 1
MNMF15B Rice Whitener 1
40 Rice Grader 1
Single Elevator Model 90 1
Double Elevator Model 90 1
Electrical Control cabinet 1


Capactity Power Required Overall Dimensions(mm)
0.8-1.25T/D 31.3KW 2800x3000x3720

Complete Rice Mill Series

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