Anon 2017 new model robot lawn mover

Product Description
Product description of Anon 2017 new model robot lawn mover

This is our new model in 2017, ANON-520 robot lawn mover, 1. it use the solid core wheel, heavier rear wheel can keep from slippery when running on slopes and hills.

2. it uses 4pcs of small blades which increase the cutting width, also each blade with four sharp edges,every edge can used if one damaged by hard stone or other objects.

3. it adds range function, there are four options for the ranges,user can choose the distance when the robot hit the virtual wire according the condition of different lawns.

Advance functions of this new model: Anti theft, Lift sensor, pressure sensor, wifi application, bump sensor, autorecharge, touch senser, rain senser, electronic compass, time set-up system, language option and so on. 

Techinical parameter of Anon 2017 new model robot lawn mover
coverage(for once charging):800m2±20%
working capacity:2600m2±20%
virtual wire max length/diameter:600m/0.5mm
standard virtual wire length/diameter:100m/0.5mm
mover size:605*465*280mm
charge station size:780*500*170mm
rated power:85w(average)
qty for cutting blade:4 pcs
cutting height/width:2.5-6cm/28cm
cutting speed:35m/min
blades rotate speed:3000rpm
hill capability:30 degree max slope
max ambient functioning temp.:40℃
average working time:2-3hours
wireless remote control:6m
type of battery:Lithium
battery capacity:6.6Ah
gross weight/net weight:21kg/18kg

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