Product Description

Anon 50-60t/d complete rice mill machine can produce a high rate of best quality white rice, it has stable performance and it is an ideal machine for running rice business and small factories. 

Anon 50-60t/d complete rice mill machine consists of combined cleaner , husker, paddy separator, rice whiterner, rice grader, lifting machines, pipes and other accessories.

Necessary Unit Machines
TQLZ100 Oscillating Cleaner 1
TQSX100 Suction Type Destoner 1
MLGT36 Husker 1
MGCZ100x12 Separator 1
MNSW18 Rice Whitener 3
MJP100x4 Rice Grader 1
TDTG150 Elevators 4
TDTG130 Low-Speed Elevators 3
Electrical Control cabinet 1

Product Data

Capactity Power Required Overall Dimensions(mm)
50-60T/D 1144KW 1400x3500x4800


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