ANON AN2 high quality rice planter paddy planter

Product Description

Brief introduction of china paddy planter 

We are the only real inventor of this machine in China, With six national patents  proved by China government. High productivity, reasonable  structure  design, perfect perfoemance,easy  operation,and the price is very cheap for those small farmers.

♥. This is a hand cranked paddy planter. It it a walking backward type manual paddy plan

♥. This  paddy transplanter unique planters  is flexible, simple operation, labor and time-saving, ideal for small farmers.

♥. It is widely applicable to rice planting of small field,  especially for hilly areas unique planters .

♥.The unique planters  design is very compact, and what’s more, it is very easy to operate, people do not need any professional knowledge.


Specifications of china paddy planter 


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