ANON AN4GZ-260 Whole Stalk Type Sugarcane Harvester

Product Description

AN4GZ-260 whole stalk type sugarcane harvester consists of cutting device, cab, lifting device, a frame, a walking system, a feeding roller, a cutter, a lifting roller, a conveying roller, stripping roller, separation roller, sugarcane collection box, engine and other components, the whole stalk sugarcane combine harvester matching power above 70kW diesel engine, can be used for planting spacing 1.2 meters above the sugar cane harvest, can continuously finish lifting, cutting, cutting, feeding, conveying, leaf peeling and heap operations, simple operation, high efficiency, strong adaptability and good application prospects.

Product Characteristic
1.The topper,base cutter and scroll have a wide range of adjustable height,making for different kinds of sugar canes,different conditions and appearance of soil.
2.Rear wheel driving with infinitely variable speed adjustment makes for quick traveling speed and flexible operation.
3.The rotatable collector meets different loading needs.

Product Data

Pattern The whole bar type harvesting, cut, conveying peel,leaf and cane leaf separation
Rated power 194kw/2200r/min
Overall dimension 12360*2400*3670mm
Front wheel width 1995mm
Rear wheel Width 1860mm
Wheel base 2200mm
Front wheel type 12-16.50-12PR
Rear wheel type 13.00-24/2
Mini turning radius 5300mm
Structure weight 12000kg
Mini ground clearance 290mm
Rowing space ≤1200mm
Harvest row 1 row
Driving type Rear hydraulic driving
Cutting height proficiency ≥90%
Biennial breakage rate ≤15%
dirt percentage ≤10%(with leaves)
Total loss rate ≤5.9%(with leaves)

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