ANON AN4S-120 Four Row Walking Grain Swather

Product Description

This walking grain swather mainly used to harvest paddy and wheat,it can also be used to harvest hot pepper and reeds.Widely applicable to large,medium and small plat harvest crops,especially for the harvest of muddy land.

Product Characteristic reaper harvester.
2.easy to learn.
3.easy to operate. efficiency.

Product Data

Model  AN4S-120
Cutting-Platform Way Vertical
Cutting Width(mm) 1200
Placing Type Sidewise&Banded Placed
Productivity(hm²/h) 0.5-1.0
Overall Dimensions(L*W*H mm) 1850*1750*1060
Total weight(kg) 210kg
Matched Power(kw) 9hp diesel engine
Drive system Belt and shaft drive 
Working line number 4 lines
Number of operator 1
Loss rate ≤1%
Stubble Height ≤120mm

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