ANON AN4YB-3 Wheel Type Three Row Corn Harvester

Product Description

The corn harvester is used for matching with the tractor, and the tractor can be used for other operations. Because the power of a multi cylinder car, foot horsepower, so in the actual corn harvesting process faster, and can be harvested in the corn can also work with rotary plow land. It can be installed in the 18-100 horsepower tractor on the use of different, can be in the mountains, hills, plains and other terrain operations, a wide range of applications.

Product Characteristic
1.One machine with multi use, light and flexible.
2.Convenient and quick, save time and effort.
3.Maintenance convenience.
4.Wide range of terrain.

Product Data

Model AN4YB-3
Driven machine (hp) 85
Working width (m) 1.86
Seeds loss rate (%) less than 2%
Production efficiency 0.8-1.2acre/h
working speed less than 4.5km/h
Length of chopped stem less than 100mm
Seeds breakage rate less than 1%
Delivery time(days) 30

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