ANON ANHZ-1800 Peanut Harvester Peanut Picker

Product Description



Working principle of ANON ANHZ-1800 Peanut Harvester Peanut Picker

Use motor or diesel engine to drive machine. When peanut vine( with peanut on) is put into machine through feeding inlet, peanut and vine will be separated from each other under rotating& hitting of axle. Then peanuts and sundries( e.g. peanut leaves) drop to the vibration sieve, while vine will be sent out via outlet of peanut vine. The vibration sieve and blower work together to remove sundries from peanuts. Finally, clean peanuts come out from the outlet sieve.

Operating instruction of ANON ANHZ-1800 Peanut Harvester Peanut Picker

Operate strictly according to instruction.

1. Put the bottom part of vine into machine through feeding inlet( vine part upward, and peanut part downward) evenly. Do NOT put stone, wood, or metal into machine, these may cause damage to machine and cause safety risk to the operator.

2. Do NOT put hands into feeding inlet, vent, sundries outlet. Be sure to tighten sleeves. For female operators, especially the ones with long hair, should wear hats to avoid hair being rolled into machine by accident. It is extremely dangerous.

3. Stop machine immediately when you hear abnormal noise and check carefully. If the machine was blocked, check the feeding amount, belt tightness and power supply.

4. Troubleshoot timely, and do not continue to use even there’s something wrong with machine.

5.Avoid machine overload work, and be sure to check& maintain machine after working every day. For instance, dip lubricant andrepair welding.

Parameters of ANON ANHZ-1800 Peanut Harvester Peanut Picker



0.2-0.4 ha / h

Losing Rate






Matched power

17hp engine / tractor

Feed type


Bagging off