ANON Crawler Self-propelled Full-feed Rice-and-wheat Combine Harvester

Product Description

Crawler self-propelled full-feed rice-and-wheat combine harvesterof threshing cylinder clearance adjustable, threshing and separating thoroughly, less broken, on the screen, screen angle adjustable, small grain cleaning loss, high cleanliness; fan speed level adjustment, to adapt to the needs of different crops; miscellaneous thresher threshing ensure cleaner, less loss of seed.

Product Characteristic
1. 66kw diesel engine, 2 meters cutting width, hydrostatic transmission, high efficiency.
2. Double axial flow threshing cylinders and adjustable front & rear sieving plates ensure the grain more clean, less breakage and less loss.
3. Big width conveyer groove with innovated cutter bar lifting system can provide a more efficient feeding and a higher lifting level, convenient for working in paddy field and maintenance, and lower the noise and vibration.
4. Lower ground pressure, better for passing in paddy field.
5. Extremely strong Chassis; Excellent water proof suspension wheel system; Easier turning & control with friction disc brake and special heavy-duty gearbox for hydraulic steering combine harvester.

Product Data

Total loss ≤3.0
Roughage content ≤2.0
Broken rate ≤1.5
Reliability ≥93%
Structure type Pedrail self-propelled whole-feed type
Matched power 66kw
Working hour productivity 0.2~0.47 hm2/h
Average oil consumption per hectare ≤28 kg/hm2
Dimension (length x width x height) 4750x2350x2360mm
Structure quality 2350kg
Harvesting width 2000mm
Feed 3.0 kg/s
Ground clearance 240mm
Steering Hydraulic
Gear box Mechanical gear box +(HST)Hydrostatic transmission
Running speed 0~2.88,0~4.54,0~7.56 m/s
Header auger type Screw auger eccentric extensible link
Reel type Eccentric spring toothed
Conveyer type Harrow toothed
Fan type Centrifugal type
Re-threshing type Blade rotary type
Unloading type hydraulic control unloading/manual unloading
Grain tank  0.5/1.0 m3
Pedrail(distance*pitch*width) 90*48*400 mm

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