ANON Double Roller Spray Wind Meter Machine

Product Description

Double roller spray wind meter machine is a kind of milled rice processing equipment, which adopts two pairs of horizontal roller chambers of the upper roller room and the lower roller room, and the two main shafts of the rollers are hollow shafts with air blow holes, Through the spray hose connected with the fan; at the same time two-roll chamber spindle inlet connected with the spray nozzle, used to add water or nutrient solution; upper and lower roller chamber can also use iron roller can also be iron; Clear chaff outlet and white bran outlet to separate the clear, white bran.

Product Characteristic
1.Longer sand roller make more uniform white cover on rice, less broken rate.
2.Using horizontal double roller design, separate two chaff room with adjusted air volume switch, more durable and balance of pressure and air volume in two milling room.
3.Using external suction fan with medium voltage, air delivery are on both ends of the spindle and feeding port that can reduce the temperature of rice, less broken rice and bran.
4.Running board grading and rice secondary separate device at the exit, it has the function of cooling and purification of rice.

Product Data

Model MNSW18x2 MNSW25x2
Air volume(m³/h) 2000~3000 3000~4000
Output(t/h) 2x(2~3) 2x(2.5~3.5)
Host Required Power(kw) 45~55 55~75
Dimensions(mm) 2088x1050x1970 1933x1200x2068

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