Double Rows Potato Planting Machine

Product Description

Double Rows Potato Planting Machine is a ditching, fertilizing, planting, ridge, spray herbicides, laying of new planting machine, it can be used with any variety of 25-35 horsepower four-wheel tractor operations, its compact structure, performance reliable, easy operation, maintenance simple.

Product Characteristic
1.Competitive price
2.Good quality
3.Adjustable the line spacing

Product Data

Model AN2CM-1 AN2CM-2
Linkage Three rear suspension Three rear suspension
Row space 400-750mm 500-850mm
Planting distance 250-330mm 250-330mm
Matched power 18hp 20-35hp
Productivity 0.1-0.14 ha/h 0.4-0.6 ha/h
Weight 150KG 230KG
Linkage standard three point mounted standard three point mounted

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