Emery Roller Vertical Rice Whitening Machine

Product Description

MNMF15B EMERY ROLLER WHITENER The gap of the sand roll and sieve-pressing strip can be adjusted;operator can according to the rice kinds,precision requirement of the finished product and the wearing of stand roll,with a good acclimatization and stability technically.
Intensive spraying fan and bran sucking fan use co-axial structure,which has reduced the volume of the whole machine,it is light,large wind quantity,smann resistance,economizing on electricity and low rising of the bearing temperature.

MNMF14 EMERY ROLLER WHITENER is uesd for milling brown rice into white rice and rice polishing.This machine can cooperate with other devices uesd in the rice huller processing. Brown received “jet wind” in milled white interior, sand rolls and rice knives, rotary screen bump joint action milled white, brown skin is continuously repeated in “sliced” and “rub off” so as to be crushed to meet the requirements of rice. “Milled white” is a “fluidized bed” carried out, give full play to the grain between the “self-grind”, “mutual grind ‘fine grind friction effect,” rub rice “and” brush chaff “The role of a good, grind the finished bright white, bran less. By suction transport rice bran, rice can further dry.


MNSW18 EMERY ROLLER WHITENER is mainly applied to the milled white rice, multi-machine can be used in series production, the machine may also be out of a white, native structure of mature and stable, has a good level of technology and economic effects.

Product Characteristic
1. Long sand rolls, cereal, so that the surface of milled white rice is more uniform and higher milled rice;
2. Using an external medium pressure ventilation fan, both ends of the spindle and the feed inlet makeup air, can reduce the temperature meters, reducing the rate of broken rice and bran;
3. port with a drip plate rice bran secondary grading and separating means having a cold rice and milled rice purifying effect.

Product Data

Model Output(t/h) Requireed Power(kw) Dimensions(mm)
MNMF 15B 1~1.5  15~22 870x550x1410
MNMF 14 1.2~3.0  18.5~22 1477x540x1554
MNMF 18 2~3 22~30 1932x661x1890

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