ANON grain dryer paddy dryer for rice mill

Product Description

1. Paddy Dryer Working Principle


Classical Biomass Furnace Working Principle:

Put the fuels, such as rice hull, straw and anthracite into the furnace to burn, then to generate heat. The smoke gets into the heat exchanger and discharges outside after many cycles. At the same time the cold air is heat upt through the heat exchanger outside, then discharges out of the dryer. It can increase the thermal efficiency, save energy and reduce cost greatly.



Low Temperature Grain Dryer Working Principle:

Put the grain in the dryer per batch, then the grain will be circulated orderly by the interaction of electric parts and structural parts. The hot air from the husk burner gets into the drying layer to pass through and heat the grain under the action of single electric fan. The air flows draw the moisture out of the grain, then the exhaust gas discharges out of the machine with the suction of the exhaust fan. When the moisture reaches to the preset data, the drying process is over and then machines stop working.