ANON Large Crawler Type Sugarcane Combine Harvester

Product Description

This sugarcane harvester is small in volume, across the ridge convenient, suitable for harvesting sugarcane planting spacing is 0.7-1.2 hills. The whole machine is equipped with a 66.2 kW diesel engine, full hydraulic drive, the operation of the use of continuously variable speed, so as to control the feed rate, to ensure smooth operation. The hourly fuel consumption of only 11 liters per hectare. Walking by the crawler, turn the field operation quickly, and will not damage the roots of sugarcane, Ratoon broken rate less than 20 percent. The leaf tip broken by composite material with high strength, broken leaf tip to ensure clean thoroughly, and will not damage the cane, so as to ensure that the total loss rate of less than 7 percent.

Product Characteristic
1. The topper,base cutter and scroll have a wide range of adjustable height,making for different kinds of sugar canes,different conditions and appearance of soil.
2. Rear wheel driving with infinitely variable speed adjustment makes for quick traveling speed and flexible operation.
3. The rotatable collector meets different loading needs.

Technical Data

Model AN4ZL-1
Type Rubber track whole stalk type
Operator Electrical Single Driver, Cabin
Engine 66.3kw/90hp
Grossweight(kg) 5300
Overalldimension(mm) 5100*1450*2700
Row distence (mm) 900-1200
Harvester Number of rows 1 row
Working productivity(T/H) 10-15
TotalLostrate <3.0%
Chassisgroundclearance(mm) 550

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