ANON Large Wheeled Sugarcane Combine Harvester

Product Description

This wheeled sugarcane harvester automatically set back propped help sugar cane, cut slightly, cut sugar cane, transportation, stripping leaves, sugarcane leaf separation of functions in one, is currently the world’s more advanced areas Sugarcane harvest sugar cane combine harvesters, its most important feature of the machine smaller size, lighter weight, easy headland turn, across the ridge sugarcane is also very handy; conveying means conveying the effect of sugar cane is better, non-clogging, damage sugarcane phenomenon; Detrashing sugarcane device off Last better; cut sugarcane means better cut cane, cane damage, less broken head; profiling means cutting table so that the cutting table with the topography changes, in order to maintain real-time cut cane cutter disks affixed to cut sugar cane.

Product Characteristic
1.The Sugarcane combine harvester is mainly used for harvesting sugarcane,which has been granted the national patent, independently developed by ourfactory through learning advanced technology home and abroad as wellcombining our own developmen experience.
2.With great adaptability, high security, top performance and high efficiency, this machine won a leading position in both domestic and abroad sugarcane harvest machinery field and could satisfy various requirements of different users.
3.As so far our machine are sold in more than 70 countries and regions. that’s why clients choose us over our competitors.

Technical Data

Model AN4GQ260
Type Wheel type chooper cutting stems
Operator Electrical single driver cabin
Engine 194kw/265hp
Grossweight(kg) 11000
Overalldimension(mm) 13030*2580*5360
Row distence (mm) 1000-1400
Harvester Number of rows 1 row
Working productivity(T/H) >20
TotalLostrate <5%
Chassisgroundclearance(mm) 270

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