Product Description

MGCZ Double Body Paddy Separating Machine is a key equipment in rice milling processing.It separates mixture of paddy and husked rice into three forms:

  • Paddy,mixture and husked rice;
  • Compact construction,smooth running,easy Maintenance;
  • low noise,low power consumpion,big capaction per Unit sieve area;
  • high automation,easy operation;
  • strong separating,wide applicability;
  • Durable and reliable.

Product Characteristic

Model ANCZ100x4 ANCZ100x5 ANCZ100x6 ANCZ46x20x2 ANCZ60x20x2
Capacity(t/h) 1-1.3 1.3-2 1.7-2.1 4-6 6-10
Power(kw) 1.1-1.5 1.1-1.5 1.1-1.5 2.2 3

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