Mini Rice Combine Harvester

Product Description

Mini Rice Combine Harvester is a kind of multi-functional combine harvester, which is mainly used to harvest rice grain and wheat grain by picking up ears of rice and wheat and threshing, With great adaptability, high security, good performance and high efficiency, this machine won a leading position in both domestic and abroad harvest machinery field and could satify various requirements of different customers. So it is very convenient for farming.
Product Characteristic
1.Simple structure: easy to maintain, repair and maintenance
2.Back position operation: safe, convenient and quick for up and down slope or field transfer Optional for electric starter, easier for operation.
3.Connected structure: easy to disassembly and assembly, only by four screws it can be divided into harvesting assembly, diesel engine and chassis for manual carrying.
4.Tire : longer service life, better trafficability in deep mud fields; suit for various road surfaces.
5.Double pole harvesting: low stubble, high efficiency, longer service life.
6.Outer grass protection structure: no grass twisting during threshing, low load, clean threshing, with loss rate lower than machines of the same kind.
7.High lifting range of the cutting platform: suit for grains of various height, easy to cross field banks.
8.Throwing type air separation: clean for air separation,fewer paddies lost. Simple structure, few troubles; free from dew effect, all climates operational.
9.Certificated by authorized institution: combined technical performance at leading level among small harvesters of the same type in China
10.Less investment for this machine: quick capital return, generally the buyer can return the invest and get thousands or even tens of thousands RMB in a year.
Product Data

Model AN4LZ-0.6 (2014 wheel type)
Type 9 HP walking harvester
Starting type Electrical + hand starting
Net weight (kg) 238 (with diesel engine)
Gross weight (kg) 400
Overall dimension (mm) 2280*1250*1380
Packing dimension (mm) 2200*1310*1000
Engine Type 186F Air-cooling diesel engine
Cutting width (mm) 1000
Feed Rate (kg/s) 0.6
Total Lost rate <3%
Breakage rate <2%
Chassis ground clearance (mm) 250
production rate (Mu/h) 0.8-1.5

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