Product Description

The series of rice polishing machine has two upper and lower polishing chamber, the use of air transport between the polishing chamber to connect, not only to overcome the existing auger double roll polishing machine can only be used in tandem with the inconvenience polishing operation of the chamber, but also with a twist Long strings may be a function of the double-roll polishing machine, which greatly facilitates the user actually uses.

  • Advanced structure and the polishing chamber loaded with water
    Use thermostat, adjusting the flow rate of the gas spray water bodies, so that water vapor into the polishing chamber can be sufficiently uniform attached to the surface of a grain of rice, in addition, a special polishing roll structure further allows a grain of rice in the polishing chamber section sufficiently mixed with water, which can not be processed ordinary polishing machine processing of the grain surface smooth and clean high-quality rice.
  • Equipment stable performance, simple operation, easy maintenance
    The parts manufacturing process and reasonable, are subject to stringent quality control, stable performance, control buttons, each instrument in the nearest control panel pulley fixed to the shaft through sleeve, easy removal, bearings installed in the bearing sleeve, maintenance, replacement of wearing parts is very simple
    Main TEchnical Data

Product Data

Model ANG78
Output(t/h) 4-8.5
Power(kw) 2x(37-45)
Air Volume 4000-5000m³/h
Water pressure 0.25-0.3mpa
Dimension(LxWxH) 1430x2150x2030mm

double roller rice polishing machine
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