ANON Multipurpose Walking Harvester

Product Description

The new series of rice wheat harvester has the characteristics of simple structure, reasonable structure, convenient operation and maintenance, small volume, light weight, low energy consumption, stable performance, good reliability and strong applicability. Especially suitable for small plots, mountainous and hilly area and requires the use of straw of rice, wheat and soybean, three reed harvesting.

Product Characteristic
1.It’s the new product with the advanced technology, with the renovated surface,strengthened applicability,improved performance, better reliability and optimized technical structure.
2.The Machine is mainly used to harvest the paddy and wheat,also be used to harvest the soybeans , reeds,pepper etc.
3.It’s applicable in the plain, hills, slopes, small fields, etc.
multipurpose walking harvester
Product Data

Model AN4G80 AN4G100 AN4G120A AN4G150
Cutting Width (mm) 80 1000 1200 1500
Overall Dimensions (m) (L*W*H) 2.1*1.1*1.0 2.1*1.25*1.0 2.15*1.5*1.1 2.25*1.85*1.1
Packing Dimensions (m)(L*W*H) 1.05*1.0*0.65 1.3*1.05*0.65 1.47*1.05*0.65 1.8*1.07*0.65
Net weight(KG) 116 210 216 230
Gross weight(KG) 146 250 260 300
Matched Power (hp) JF168gasoline engine 170  diesel engine/JD 200 gasoline engine 170  diesel engine/JD 270 gasoline engine R175 water-cooled diesel engine/JD 270 gasoline engine

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