Product Description

Pneumatic Paddy Husker Characteristic
1.Stepless voltage regulation,the pressure evenly.Through pressure stepless adjusting roller pressure.Morem than lead tight pressure evenly,Reduce the breakage rate,Improve the effect of rice hulling.
2.Automatic control,simple operation.Automatic control after the electricity,without manual operation, reduce the labor intensity,improve the utilization rate of rubber roller.

Product Data

Model  ANGT25  ANGT36  ANGT51
Capacity(t/h) 3-5  4-6  6-10
Power(kw) 7.5  11  15
Wind volume 3400-3700m³/h 4000-4500m³/h 6800-7400m³/h
Rubber roller size(mm) 254×254 225×356  254×508
Weight(kg) 700  1000  1300

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