ANON Self-propelled Whole-feed Grain Combine Harvester

Product Description

This harvesteris suitable for plain, hilly and upland environment, to harvest wheat, and rice, suitable for long distance transfer, is the main type of cross regional work, different harvest.

Product Characteristic
1.rice combine harvester.
2.working efficiency.
3.good quality. production.

Product Data

Type Self-propelled whole-feed combine harvester
Engine/Power LR4M5-23/66.2KW(90PS)
Overall dimension 6100X2790X3290 mm
Row spacing 2.6 Kg/S
Cutting width 3.15m
Weight 4700Kg
Cut a stir dragon type Expansion helix mixing dragon
Threshing roller type Nail tooth
Row number 6
Separation roller form Horizontal nail tooth
Concave board screen type Grid type
Fan type Centrifugal type
Grain tank 2.1 m³
Wheel base 1950mm
Gearbox (3+1) x increasing twist continuouslv variable transmission
Efficiency 0.6-1 hm2/h

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