SFSP Series Grain Hammer Mill Machine

Product Description

SFSP Series Grain Hammer Mill Machine is suitable for crushing all kinds of feed ingredients like stars. Such as corn, sorghum, wheat, beans, rice husk, cake and other feed.
This series mill adopts steel plate welded structure, motor and mill rotor is mounted on the same base and elastic sleeve pin coupling direct transmission, rotor dynamic balance test, the positive and negative to work. Inlet at the top of the mill, can be compatible with various forms of feeding mechanism, hammer symmetrical arrangement. This machine reasonable structure, solid and durable, safe, reliable, easy to install, easy to operate, small vibration, high productivity. Drop-type grinder grinding chamber airflow design and logistics more reasonable, better production efficiency and performance.

Product Data

Model Output(t/h) Required Power(kw)
SFSP56x40 0.6~1.25 37
SFSP60x45 0.8~1.5 45
SFSP60x60 1.0~1.8 55~75
SFSP63x80 1.2~2.0 75~95

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