Rice Combined Harvester

Product Description

Rice Combined Harvester Characteristic
1. wheat rice combined harvester
2. excellent threshing and selecting
3. strong dynamic performance
Product Data

Model AN4LZ-1.8
Total losses(%) Rice≤3.0 ,wheat≤1.2
lmpurity rate(%) ≤2.0
Breakage rate(%) ≤1.5
Reliability(%) ≥93
Cutting width(mm) 1600
Pure field capacity(ha/h) 0.17-0.40
Fuel consumption 8-10L/H
Structure Type Full feeding,Self propelled,track
Track 350mm*90mm*46
Weigh(kg) 2350
Feed rate(t/h) 6.5
Dimensions at work, LxWxH(mm) 5150x2600x2675
Diesel engine horsepower(kw/rpm) 42/2800
Ground pressure(kpa) ≤24
Travel speeds 6 speeds forward,2 speeds backward
Mini.ground clearance(mm) 200
grain Tank 0.3m3 or 0.7m3
Cleaning type Double sieves + blower + re-thresher
Grain unloading method Sacked & Auto unloading

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