ANON Small Semi-feed Type Combined Harvester

Product Description

The semi-feed type combined harvester is the new product with the advanced technology and own patent right in China,with the renovated surface, strengthened applicability, improved performance, better reliability and optimized technical structure. The machine is mainly used to harvest and bind grain and wheat.It’s is applicable in the plain, hills, slopes, small fields, etc.

Product Characteristic
1. The machine is mainly consisting of a frame, a power box, a chain wheel, a cutting chain,a transmission shaft and adelivery chain.
2.The armrest can adjustable for tuning left, right, up and down for fitting with persons with different height to operate.
3.With a stepless speed change device, thereby allowing the differential brake turn, small turn radius and flexible turning.
It is very economical, efficient, practical, light weight, flexible easy operation.
4.This type of harvester is like a lawnmower, and it’s small in size so a woman can pushed it by hand through the row.

Product Data

Model AN4K-50
Dimension 2170*700*1050mm
Total weight 240kg 
Power 4.05kw 
Bundled way automatic mechanical
Rope type plastic rope
Cutting table way vertical 
Cutting width 0.5m
Cutting form reciprocating
Fu Wo ways sprocket 
The total loss rate ≤1
Bundle rate ≥95
Cutting height ≤100mm
Root distance ≤150mm
Productivity 0.1~0.2hm2/h
Unit fuel consumption ≤8km/hm2
Reliability ≥90%

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