Product Description

TQLZ series rice vibrating sparator is a kind of raw material cleaning equipment.It can tidy up the big,small,light mixed of wheat,paddy,nice,oil plants by different model of screen.There are two layers of screen surface on it,well cleaning efficiency on remove impurity of grain,also can be used in particle separation of food and chemical industry.

rice vibration cleaning sieve

Product Data

Model Output(t/h) Requireed Power(kw) Air volume(m³/min) Overall dimensions(mm)
TQLZ80 5~8 0.2×2 2600~3000 2700x1200x1500
TQLZ100 8~12 0.38×2 3600~4000 2970x1400x1670
TQLZ125 9~12 0.75×2 4000~4500 2970x1650x1720
TQLZ150 9~15 0.75×2 4000~5000 2970x1950x1720
TQLZ200 15~20 1.1×2 5000~6000 3065x2650x1770

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