ANS150 Vertical Emery Iron Roll Rice Mill

Product Description

ANS150 vertical emery iron roll rice mill mainly for daily processing capacity of 100t with over rice processing plants, the native structure of mature and stable, has a good level of technology and economic effects.

Product Characteristic
1.Roll structure so long sand beige white rice and evenly, reducing fragmentation rate.
2.Horizontal parallel twin roll structure, two separate and independent set of bran rooms each adjustable air volume, is conducive to both rolls, cereal lasting ventricular pressure and air volume to maintain homeostasis.
3.The use of external pressure and the exhaust fan, and feeding ports at both ends of the air transport axis, can reduce the temperature of the rice, broken rice and bran reduction.
4.Footboard and rice grade two separation equipment at the exit, it has a cooling and purifying rice function.

Product Data

Model Air volumet(m³/h) Output(t/h) Host Required Power(kw) Weight(kg)
VS150  45~50 4~7 45~55 1350

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