The working principle of gravity destoner

Gravity destoner is based on the proportion of different food grain and gravel and suspension speed, the grain size and grain shape approximate grain sand and other debris separated from the machine.

Gravity destoner to stone with a good effect, simple structure, small size and low power consumption advantages. The proportion of food through a machine to clean up the stone, rock removal rate of more than 95%, in addition to brick, mud rate greater than 60%,…

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Gravity destoner introduction

Suction type gravity destoner are mainly used in food processing plants, separate side by side stone isobaric than grain impurities from wheat, rice, used to separate some other grains in the complex.

It is the use of grain weight and the proportion of the stone and the suspension rate of different characteristics, through the grain flow through the flow of particles in the gap between the flow of grain and stone grading. Side by side…

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