How to choose and use small rice milling machine

Small rice milling machine is with rice or brown rice as raw material, discharged from the hopper, after entering the screw conveyer through a flow control mechanism to realize rice milling, processing of agricultural products processing machinery.

The single consists of iron roller and sand roller and two kinds of forms, including iron roller rice mill is divided into separation type rice milling machine with adjustable blade structure and meters without air jet milling…

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How to improve the milling technology of rice milling machine

Farmers like to use the complete rice milling machine, white rice. However, some rice mill grind out more broken rice, beige not white. The reason except rice quality problems (such as millet at harvest time been flooded, not dried after harvest), the main rice mill inlet and outlet gates and no good deployment tool meters, and machine hand can not manipulate grind rice mill caused.

In order to improve the quality of rice…

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