The method of adjusting the harvester and the matters needing attention in operation of the inverted wheat harvest

The wheat harvest is now in full swing, with large areas of collapse in some places, adding to the difficulties of a smooth harvest.To reduce lodging of wheat harvest losses, improve the quality of lodging of wheat harvest, reduce the damage caused by the abnormal operation circumstances of wheat harvester, now offers some methods to harvest wheat lodging for farmers friends reference.

I. adjustment of…

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The introduction of caterpillar wheat harvester ensures that “not a single seed is missing”

In may this year, there was heavy precipitation in our county. Some towns were hit by high winds and wheat fell down.County agricultural machinery bureau leaders in the eyes, in mind, high attention, serious treatment, detailed “three summers” working opinions and wheat harvest emergency plan.As early as possible, more than 400 field wheat harvesters have been scientifically deployed for cross-regional operations, including more than 210 caterpillar wheat harvesters, which have played an important role in wheat harvest this year.In…

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