The traditional rice mill meets the Internet of things to create infinite intelligence

The innovation of traditional rice milling has promoted the upgrading of the food industry

The new generation of intelligent rice milling machine is positioned as a rice milling terminal which can cover many places in the first and second tier cities such as community, bank, supermarket, canteen, apartment and main blocks.It is understood that the first new type of intelligent rice mill will be mainly on the Internet of things in the community, the community residents, all-weather service for community residents to provide fresh, nutrition, health, safety and can now run of traceability of the whole flow of fresh rice.

New intelligent rice milling machine purchasing rice process

According to researchers, the new Internet of things intelligent rice mill or a traditional rice mill is a blend of the product of Internet technology, the rice milling technology of embryo research, joining points of rice milling module, consumers can choose according to be fond of brown rice, seeds of rice or white rice.At the same time, through ascension milling device sensor sensitivity, realize from fast to slow speed milling, the rice hulling and only moderately burnish, keep embryo, endosperm and skin nutrition, reduce unnecessary processing, try to avoid the waste in the process of food processing.The new intelligent rice milling machine with Internet of things can produce 72 to 75 jins of rice with 100 jins of rice, but only 58 to 60 jins of white rice left after multiple polishing and processing.

At present, China’s food processing industry has low technological content and few high-quality products, which seriously restrict the upgrading of the food processing industry. Therefore, it is urgent to explore a new path for the transformation and upgrading of the food industry.After the “smart China” was proposed, the Internet of things was determined to be an important tool for economic transformation and upgrading.For the research of Internet of things technology applied in food industry, give play to the role of transformation of grain processing engine, to carry out the use of the Internet of things technology driving the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, optimizing our country “weak” strong rice and rice grain industry present situation is the trend of The Times.

Relying on the national platform traceability technology, the whole chain can be traced to the source

Except in the rice milling device improved, new type of Internet of things intelligent rice mill also rely on “national iot identity management public service platform” the identity of the traceability technology, to the whole chain now run over fresh rice roots, ensure food security.Consumers will get the qr code of rice traceability after purchasing rice. By scanning the code, they can check the information of the bag of rice that is being ground in their hands, from rice planting, processing to transportation.Every batch of rice, given its unique identity, establishing whole process certification for rice, tracking and monitoring service system, even if the security problems, can do it “origin traceability, liability can chase.”

Nowadays, food security has become the focus of the whole society. As an indispensable material basis in daily life, food security is the most important.Tracing the labeling of all links in the food supply chain is a mainstream solution recommended by the international community for food safety problems.New Internet of rice mill project director said “the new iot rice mill carry traceable technology, the residents will seep into the food safety traceability system life, helps to form cultivating consumers buy traceable food healthy consumption consciousness, safeguard consumer rights and interests, and promote the development of food safety traceability system of career, raising consumer for the entry of sense of security.”

New Internet of things communication technology, advanced community intelligence

Network is an essential condition of intelligent rice mill normal operation, but because each rice mill environment network condition is different, the traditional equipment gm’s 4 g network module cannot apply to all placed well environment.To solve this problem, the new Internet of things intelligent rice mill in the aspect of communications network adopted an integrated approach to “Wifi + Lora”, in addition to wall dong Wifi module embedded rice mill, realize networking features of rice mill itself still carry the guangdong zhongke Liu Pu content union based on low-power wan (LoPo – IoT) Lora applied this new type of Internet communication technology.

The new intelligent rice milling machine of the Internet of things is equipped with WiFi and Lora modules

Lopo-iot network, as the basic communication network of the Internet of things, is featured with security, low power consumption, wide coverage, low cost and large connection.Lopo-iot communication terminals have very low power consumption and can last more than 5 years using ordinary dry batteries, effectively reducing the cost of manual maintenance.When the network signal of the operator is not good, it can be switched to the low-power wan Lora module for information transmission at any time, so as to ensure the normal operation of the equipment for 24 hours.It is understood that the lopo-iot base station can cover a radius of 1 km to 5 km in urban environments, and a radius of 10 km to 15 km in suburban environments.In other words, in a medium-sized community, as long as a single base station is set up, the signal of the community can be fully covered.Moreover, the base station has the ability to support mass connection. A single base station can support the connection of tens of thousands of terminals and provide basic network services for many Internet of things applications.And carry through intelligent rice mill base station location to the community to build intelligence community at the heart of the communication network, and as a medium, the Internet of things application for extension based on Internet of things technology in the future to develop intelligent products in the community to provide the basic network communication support.


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