How does the new Internet of things rice milling machine see technology lead the new trend of rice eating

New Internet of rice mill for further upgrading, the traditional rice mill for consumers is now sold fresh rice, that comes to rear rice processing link, a new pattern of rice sales to solve the above problems.Traditional rice mills used to be large and bulky, most of which were only suitable for rice mills.Rice milling in the rice supply chain in the front of the consumer can buy rice freshness is poor.With the development of rice mill, smaller volume, and even appeared a special rice milling shop, but with this kind of rice mill not out of people’s operation, the source of rice complex trust is insufficient, operation cost is too high, the production efficiency is too low, lead to widespread popularity.Therefore, it is of great value to apply Internet of things technology to the improvement of rice milling machine.The new Internet of things rice milling machine focuses on the key technologies and research and development of rice milling embryo technology and rice grain traceability system, making it easy for citizens to buy healthy and high-quality rice seedlings.
Whole-process traceability technology for rice and rice: health starts from the source
There are many links from the origin of rice to the end consumer, such as planting, harvesting, transportation, storage and sales.Each link will have different participants, and each participant will have different ways of processing rice information.How to effectively integrate the information of rice traceability and connect the information islands between each link is the key to realize the whole process of rice traceability.In rice can be traced back system to build, based on Internet of identity management query and search services, identification of origin, transport companies, warehousing companies, such as service providers, according to the registered object identity and addressable information server identity mapping relations, acquire and to identify inquirers returns addressable rice server information, realize the whole process of rice can be traced back.
Rice milling and embryo technology: to the international leading level
The germ rice is the part of the germ that retains the rice and the rest is exactly the same as the white rice.The most important central part of rice is the germ.The so-called “bud” is the part that gives birth to new life.Its scientific standard name should be “the rice that leaves embryo”, it is the rice that leaves embryo rate above 80%.At present, the average retention rate of most rice milling machine germ is less than 60% in China, and the rate of embryo retention is more than 80% in China.The new Internet of things rice milling machine improves the precision of rice milling by improving the sensor of rice milling device, reduces the consumption rate of rice germ and increases the retention rate of rice germ to 85%.
Transformation of traditional communication module: based on low power consumption wan
Because the network coverage of each device’s location is different, the original 4G universal network module of the device cannot be well applied to all the environment.When the signal is weak, the device may not function properly.To solve this problem, the equipment of the original network module access since the WiFi and Lora application, when operators network signal is not beautiful, may at any time to switch to low power consumption wan Lora module for information transmission, guarantee the equipment running 24 hours a day.
Dynamic weighing of finished rice: the weight error is less than 6‰
At present, the dynamic weighing technology of rice products of domestic rice mills can only control the error to 10‰, and the error in weight leads to poor experience of rice purchasing by consumers.In order to protect the rights and interests of consumers, the weighing system of the new Internet of things rice mill will be improved from both hardware and software.In terms of hardware, the structure of weighing system is reformed to improve the sensing sensitivity.In terms of software, the expected value of error is calculated and analyzed through multiple measurements and input of big data.With both hardware and software, the dynamic weight error of finished rice is less than 6‰, reaching the international leading level.
Improved noise reduction: noise is reduced to less than 60 decibels
Because rice milling machines operate, the noise mainly comes from the whitening chamber and the fan (rice bran recovery device).For the noise of the rice mill, first, from the perspective of the noise source, dynamic balance processing on rice mill spindle before installed, by increasing the symmetric structure of ratios to reduce vibration intensity, in order to achieve the effect of noise reduction.In addition, by increasing the coverage area of acoustic insulation materials in the limited space of the body, the working noise of the machine is absorbed.At present, most of the noise of rice mills in China is above 85 decibels. The improvement target of the new Internet of things rice mills is to reduce the noise to 60 decibels (normal conversation volume) and below.
In addition, the new Internet of rice mill in energy conservation and efficiency, the perspectives of rice fresh-keeping technology improvement and integration to form more intelligent, more low power consumption, strong applicability, rice milling quality better iot milling terminal, not only let consumers can easily buy health high quality grinding germ meters now, energy conservation and emissions reduction, reduce loss of food form a larger social comprehensive benefits.
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