How to choose the right lawn mower which mower works well

What kind of mower works
1, hang on a lawn mower: mainly used for small plots of land, complex terrain, the ground is given priority to, the requirement to the grass is not high, can harvest all kinds of grass, with alloy steel blade, can harvest the shrubs, advantage is: easy to use, easy to operate.Cons: slow harvest, hard work.
2. Knapsack mower: just like the slanting mower, it is suitable for operation on the slope of mountains.
3. Hand-propelled lawn mower: this kind of machine is rarely used in China, because it is imported from China and used abroad.Suitable for orchard operation, ground operation, the height of mowing grass is 10-120cm, no matter what the grass can be mowed, the mowing grass is messy, advantage: people use very convenient, harvest speed is fast.
4, the disc mower: this kind of machine installed four-wheel tractor and micro tillage machine, harvesting effects: cut the grass down in the middle of the two disks, the height of the grass harvest: 10-100 cm harvest grass for the soft grass, and hard to cut the power for power demand is high, the market is given priority to with four-wheel tractor installation.Speed of harvesting: fast, suitable for orchards, or alfalfa harvesting in western China,
5, the main harvest rice windrower, hard rod crops such as wheat, like corn stalk, rod, growing crops also can harvest, advantages, can harvest the crops tidy emissions, harvest speed, disadvantages: can’t harvest the soft grass
6. The hedgerow machine is suitable for slope land, sloping land of reservoir dam, which can cut short grass, grass below 20CM, or high grass, and urban green belt pruning.
How to choose the right lawn mower
1. The “three certificates” shall be complete:
A qualified cutting and irrigation machine shall have a production license, product qualification certificate and trademark registration certificate.The product qualification certificate shall include the qualification certificate of the whole unit, internal combustion engine qualification certificate and generator qualification certificate.If you find that the qualification certificate on the generator does not match the nameplate number, you should pay attention to whether it is assembled.
2. Machine noise should be low:
Consumers should pay attention to one point when purchasing a cutting irrigation machine: the four-stroke is generally smaller than the two-stroke, and the operation is more stable, while the Honda cutting irrigation machine is generally four-stroke
3. See whether the seller is professional:
Now sell more cutting machine shops and miscellaneous, but many just a temporary “guest” season just disappeared, lead to after-sales cannot guarantee, the customer should choose legitimate business purchase, such after-sales service to guarantee
4. Moderate price:
Because the brand is different, the price of all kinds of the same power irrigation machine is very different.It is wrong for many consumers to buy whatever they like wherever it is cheap.There is a reasonable spread between brands, but if the price is too low, you have to consider — isn’t this a shoddy product?Because, at present, the price of irrigation and cutting machines has a high transparency, “good quality and low price” is everyone’s request, but more is the quality of goods and prices are proportional.
5. Power should be suitable:
The discharge of the cutting irrigation machine is less than 30CC, and the power is small, less than 0.75kw, which is generally used for cutting tender grass.Exhaust 30cc-50cc0.8kw to 2.0kw. Generally used for cutting small shrubs and dense weeds;Exhaust over 50CC, over 2.0kw, generally used for cutting large shrubs;The road USES a 30CC- 50CC power mower.

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